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GoDEX RT863i: The Perfect Companion for Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Laboratory, and Retail Businesses

GoDEX RT863i: The Perfect Companion for Manufacturing, Logistics, Healthcare, Laboratory, and Retail Businesses

Posted by BK on 3rd Nov 2021

The GoDEX RT863i is an innovative and reliable 4-inch thermal label printer that offers a host of features to help you take your work to the next level. This thermal desktop printer is not only lightweight and compact, but it also delivers high-quality labels at up to 600 dpi.

This GoDEX RT863i 600 dpi printer has a modern clam-shell design and drop-in label roll holder for ease of loading labels and thermal transfer ribbons. A 3.2 inch color LCD panel puts everything at your fingertips while Ethernet, USB, Serial, and Parallel Ports allow for easy integration with your network and devices. Label calibration with the GoDEX RT863i is a simple matter of pushing a button.

The GoDEX RT863i comes with Free GoLabel label design software, so you're ready to design and print professional-looking labels out of the box. Perhaps best of all, the GoDEX RT863i thermal label printer features a micro print resolution of 600dpi, making it perfect for printing barcodes and labels up to 4 inches wide with fine text or logos.

Two in One Thermal Label Printing

This desktop thermal label printer offers both direct thermal and thermal transfer printing capabilities. This means you can use it with or without a thermal transfer ribbon.

Direct thermal labels do not require a ribbon. Rather, the thermal label material interacts with the heated printhead to produce the image. These materials do tend to fade over time, so direct thermal label printing is typically used for label applications that don't need to withstand the test of time such as shipping labels or file folder labels.

Thermal transfer labels require a separate ribbon roll to be installed into the GoDEX RT8630i printer before use. Thermal transfer ribbons are made from special materials (wax, resin, or wax-resin) that melts and bonds to the label stock when heated. This results in a more durable label that can withstand environmental stress such as exposure to heat, UV light, moisture, abrasions, or in some cases, chemicals. Using the GoDEX RT863i with a ribbon in thermal transfer mode is great for printing barcodes, asset labels, chemical labels, shipping labels, or any other label that needs to stand up to harsher conditions.

Who Should Buy the GoDEX RT863i 600 dpi Thermal Label Printer?

The GoDEX RT863i is ideal for a wide range of applications and is perfect for anyone in the cosmetics, healthcare, and retail industries. With its high print resolution, 4-inch print width, and ability to work as either a direct thermal or thermal transfer printer, the GoDEX RT863i is a truly versatile and reliable printer.

We recommend the GoDEX RT863i for the following label types:

  • FedEx and UPS shipping labels
  • Cosmetics ingredient labels
  • Serial number labels
  • Shelf labels
  • Pharmaceutical labels
  • Patient identification labels
  • Lab specimen labels
  • Price tags
  • Receipts
  • Logistics and transportation labels and tags
  • Barcode labels
  • and more...

Order the GoDEX RT863i from DuraFast Label Company

If you're looking for a high resolution thermal label printer, the GoDEX RT863i is a great choice for your label printing needs. At DuraFast Label Company we offer a wide range of GoDEX thermal label printer models with quick turnaround times. We have the GoDEX RT863i in stock along with a large inventory of thermal transfer ribbons and blank direct thermal and thermal transfer labels and tags in rolls ranging from 1 to 4 inches wide. We also have external label holders and other label printing accessories. Place your order today.