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How Hotels and Resorts Can Enhance Events by Printing their Own Custom Wristbands

How Hotels and Resorts Can Enhance Events by Printing their Own Custom Wristbands

Posted by BK on 30th Oct 2017

How Hotels and Resorts Can Enhance Events by Printing their Own Custom Wristbands

Venues of all types and sizes use colored wristbands to better manage event access and security, but in a world where anyone can buy blank wristbands off the shelf, is color coding alone enough? The ability to print your own custom wristbands with a color wristband printer provides even greater control and allows for custom branding. Here's what you need to know about in-house wristband printing.

Benefits of Printing Your Own Custom Printed Wristbands

Benefits of Printing Your Own Custom Printed Wristbands

With a color wristband maker such as the Epson TM-C3500, you can print custom wristbands in advance or on demand. From a security standpoint, this translates into:

  • No more fake wristbands — Guests won't be able to sneak into restricted areas or beer and wine gardens by observing the color of the day and wearing generic colored wristbands.
  • Better tracking of guests — If desired, you could print barcodes with variable data on your wristbands, linking each one to a specific room or guest. Scanners throughout the resort could then capture guest information when granting access to various amenities and events.

  • Better branding — Like concert tickets, wristbands are commonly saved by attendees of special events as mementos. While a plain wristband will likely be disposed of without a thought, a branded wristband with event details and your resort's logo is more likely to be saved and cherished.

  • Improved event security — Printed wristbands have long been used for identification purposes at hospitals. Using printed text, barcodes, or identity information such as a small photo ID, your security staff is better equipped to verify that the person wearing the wristband is the appropriate one. Custom wristbands can prevent guests from sharing their wristbands with others upon exiting your event.

    • Shorter queues — Printing your own color wristbands reduces wristband fraud and improves security, which in turn, allows for a more streamlined process. For example, an ID check at check-in would verify the guest's age. If over 21, the printed wristband could reflect that, allowing for access into 21-and-up areas without having to stop for additional age verification.
  • On demand printing with no minimums - Printing your own wristbands as needed frees you from the hassles of set up charges, minimum print quantities, and wasted inventory associated with buying printed labels from a third party promotional or printing company.

  • Use Cases for Custom Hotel Wristbands

    Hotels and resorts host a variety of events, making issuing custom wristbands a great idea for:

  • Concerts
  • Onsite sporting events
  • Seminars, conferences, and conventions
  • Beer and wine gardens
  • Spa access
  • Employee and vendor access
  • Hotel tours
  • Day passes to resort amenities
  • Waterproof pool passes
  • What You Need to Print Your Own Color Hotel Wristbands

    Printing your own hotel wristbands is an excellent solution for hotels and resorts, and it's easier than you may realize. We recommend the following wristband makers and color label printers for printing wristbands on demand:

  • Epson TM-C3500 color label and wristband printer - Great for printing color wristbands on demand. You could place it in the hotel lobby or in the banquet manager or activity director's offices.
  • Epson TM-C3400 label and wristband printer
  • The color label and wristband printers listed above produce high-quality, smudge-free color wristbands on demand.

    You'll also need blank wristbands, which are available from DuraFast Label Company. Our wristband stock is optimized for Epson's pigment inks and inkjet technology for excellent print quality without smudging or smearing.

    You will also need wristband design software. DuraFast bundles NiceLabel Express software with the Epson TM-C3500 wristband printers. NiceLabel Express allows you to easily design and print your own hotel wristbands. Plus, you can link an Excel file with variable data to your wristband design file.

    Upgraded warranty – The Epson Wristband printer package sold by DuraFast Label Company comes with a 3-year Epson upgraded warranty, which gives you peace of mind. If you have any hardware failures with the TM-C3500 printer and if Epson support cannot resolve the issue over the phone, Epson will ship you a replacement printer within one business day, at no cost to you. Then you just ship the defective unit back to Epson.

    DuraFast Label Company offers wristband printing solutions to hotels, resorts, and other venues. Contact us today for expert assistance or checkout our Epson TM-C3500 wristband maker package. It gets you everything you need to start printing your own wristbands today.