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Last Time Buy: Epson GP-C831 Color Label Printer Reaches its End of Life

Posted by BK on 15th Mar 2020

The popular Epson GP-C831 color label printer will be reaching both its end of life and end of sale on June 1, 2020. So, what does this mean to you?

If you currently own one or more Epson GP-C831 color label printers, rest assured that ink cartridges, spare parts, blank labels, and service will all remain widely available for at least five years from now.

If you would like to add one or more Epson GP-C831 color label printers to your operations, you have up until June 1, 2020 (or while supplies last) to place your order with DuraFast Label Company. Some Epson GP-C831 color label printers may be in stock and ready to ship immediately. However, Epson reports that deliver dates will depend on factory capacity and the number of Epson GP-C831 color label printers ordered. There will be no returns for Epson GP-C831 printers purchased under the last time buy program.

The Epson GP-C831 color label printer has been a popular GHS color label printer for many reasons:

-It’s affordable to own and operate

-It’s a large format GHS BS5609 certified color label printer

-It’s rugged and reliable

-It’s fast

-It’s flexible

While we will miss the Epson GP-C831 color label printer, we are also pleased with the new Epson ColorWorks C6500A (autocutter) and ColorWorks C6500P (peeler) color label printers. These are the recommended replacements for the Epson GP-C831. They can do everything the ColorWorks CP-C831 does but faster, with higher print quality, and without the need for pin-fed labels.

The Epson GP-C831 color label printer is bargain priced right now and about to be discontinued. If you’re in the market for an 8-inch GHS color label printer, you have until June 15, 2020 to order the Epson GP-C831 color label printer. Order now before it’s too late.