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LX2000 Glossy Clear Labels

LX2000 Glossy Clear Labels

Posted by Basat Khalifa on 29th Feb 2020

Primera LX2000/LX1000 Glossy Clear Labels

DuraFast Label Company is pleased to manufacture our own LX2000 glossy clear polypropylene labels to the highest of standards. These LX2000 glossy clear polypropylene labels are 100 percent compatible with Primera Technology’sLX2000 label printer. We designed them specifically for this label printer and its HP pigment-based inks.

We use high quality, clear polypropylene film with a permanent adhesive manufactured in the United States. This biaxially oriented polypropylene film is then converted by us into LX2000 glossy clear polypropylene labels at our USA and Canada manufacturing facilities.

Since these LX2000 glossy clear polypropylene labels are designed specifically for the HP pigment inks used in theLX2000, you’ll get the best results and print quality when you usePrimera LX2000 pigment ink cartridges.

These labels are clear and transparent. However, they have a permanent adhesive on the back, which can produce a frosty appearance depending on the surface of the item. Therefore, we recommend that you first test this label with your product before ordering a large quantity of labels. We are happy to provide printed samples for testing purposes. When applying these clear labels to your product, make sure to apply even pressure to the label so that the adhesive bonds with the surface of your product. Generally, after 24 hours, the frosty appearance clears up. We recommend using a label applicator since it will apply even pressure across the complete width of the label.

All of our clear labels ship with a black eyemark on the back for detection. Thus, you will also need to set your label detection to black eyemark in theLX2000 printerdriver before installing the label roll. Otherwise, many labels will be fed through the printer and wasted.

Browse through our inventory of continuous and die cut LX2000 glossy clear polypropylene labels. Can’t find exactly what you need? We can make custom LX2000 glossy clear polypropylene labels to your exact specifications upon request.