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Near Edge Printing Technology

Near Edge Printing Technology

Posted by BK on 14th Jun 2022

What is Near Edge Printing?

Near edge printing technology improves thermal transfer printing by angling the printhead so that the label or tag only comes in contact with the ribbon at the point of thermal printing. The angled printhead also enables faster print speeds, greater ribbon efficiency, and edge-to-edge printing across the entire width of the label.

How it Works

By angling the printhead, near edge printers use the front edge of the printhead for thermal transfer printing, reducing the contact area of the diode and shortening the separation distance between the ribbon and the substrate. Near edge printers stop the thermal transfer ribbon once the image is printed while the substrate continues moving through the printer.

In contrast, a standard thermal transfer printer has a fixed, flat printhead that the substrate moves through before the ribbon and substrate separate. The ribbon and the label material move together simultaneously.

Benefits of Near Edge Printing Technology

The main benefits of near edge printing technology are faster print speeds, greater ribbon efficiency, and edge-to-edge printing.

  • Faster print speeds : Toshiba TEC, Avery Novexx, Markem, and VideoJet near edge printers can reach blazing fast print speeds of up to 40 inches per second. Since the printhead "floats", near edge printers can also print thicker media such as 14-point card stock.
  • Greater ribbon efficiency : Since near edge printers start and stop the ribbon as needed, there is less wasted ribbon. Standard thermal transfer printers run the ribbon alongside the label materials regardless of whether printing is required for a particular label.
  • Edge-to-edge printing : Near edge printers can print right to the edge of the label, giving you more space for your message or barcodes and a clean, professional look.
  • Leading Near Edge Printer Brands

    The most popular near edge printers on the market are from Toshiba TEC, Avery Novexx, Markem, and Videojet.

    DuraFast Label Company offers the best selection of near edge printers from Toshiba TEC as well as compatible near edge thermal transfer ribbons for Toshiba TEC, Avery Novexx, Markem, and Videojet near edge printers.

    Check out the  Toshiba TEC near edge thermal transfer printers below:

    Toshiba Tec Near Edge Printer Models Near Edge Printer Description (inches/second) Near Edge Printer Speed (mm/seconds) Ribbon Length (Meters) Ribbon Length (Feet) Status
    B-EX4T1-GS12 4.09" 203 dpi 14 ips 600 1968
    B-EX4T1-TS12 4.09" 305 dpi 14 ips 600 1968
    B-EX6T1-GS12 6.29" 203 dpi 12 ips 600 1968
    B-EX6T1-TS12 6.29" 305 dpi 12 ips 600 1968
    B-SX8T-TS12-QM-R 8.40" 305 dpi 8 ips 300 984
    B-SX5T 5.02" 305 dpi 8 ips 600 1968 Discontinued
    B-SX6T 6.70" 305 dpi 8 ips 300 984 Discontinued

    Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    Near edge printers use a different type of ribbon than standard thermal transfer ribbons. These ribbons have a release layer, allowing the ink to release immediately after melting. This prevents smudging and is essential for higher print speeds. Only wax-resin and resin ribbons can be used with near edge printers.

    DuraFast Label Company carries a complete line of compatible Toshiba TEC, Avery Novexx, Markem, and Videojet near edge ribbons in wax-resin and resin formulations in various widths and lengths. Black and color ribbons are available.

    Our wide selection of near edge thermal transfer ribbons is in stock and ready to ship.

  • Toshiba TEC Near Edge Ribbons - 600m
  • Toshiba TEC Near Edge Ribbons - 300m
  • VideoJet Near Edge Ribbons
  • Custom Near Edge Thermal Transfer Ribbons

    Can't find the near edge ribbon you're looking for? Whether you have a Toshiba TEC, VideoJet, Avery Novexx, Markem, or another near edge printer, we can custom manufacture near edge ribbons for you in the exact size and formula desired.

    If you have any questions about near edge printing technology or would like help choosing the right near edge printer for your business, please contact us today. Our team of experts would be happy to assist you.