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Reduce Waste with the GoDEX DT4L Linerless Direct Thermal Label Printer

Reduce Waste with the GoDEX DT4L Linerless Direct Thermal Label Printer

Posted by BK on 10th Aug 2020

Dealing with excess label liners is a constant battle for anyone who prints labels regularly. Whether you print labels at your desktop, in a warehouse, in the mailroom, at a food service counter, on the manufacturing floor, or anywhere else, before you know it, you have yards of useless paper liners cluttering the area waiting to be disposed of.

What if you could print labels and barcodes without the liner? You can with the new GoDEX DT4L linerless direct thermal label and barcode printer.

The GoDEX DT4L accepts linerless label rolls. The adhesive on linerless label rolls is designed to release from itself, similar to how tape works. However, because the adhesive is exposed once unwound from the roll, it’s important that the label media doesn’t stick to the printer during print operations. Various components of the GoDEX DT4L linerless label printer that come in contact with linerless labels are made from anti-stick materials so that the labels move past without sticking.

By using the linerless GoDEX DT4L label printer, you’ll never have to deal with excess label liners again. Simply print the labels, cut them, and affix them to the item.

In addition to being able to use linerless label media, the GoDEX DT4L is a competent direct thermal label printer featuring:

-Direct thermal printing technology (no ribbon required)

-203 dpi

-4-inch label size

-Up to 6 inches per second print speed

-Built-in linerless label cutter

-Anti-stick mechanisms and platen

-USB 2.0, RS-232 Serial, and Ethernet connectivity

-GoLabel design software

Uses for the GoDEX DT4L Linerless Direct Thermal Label Printer

There are many potential use cases for the GoDEX DT4L linerless label printer. Below are a few examples:

-Retail labels

-Barcode labels

-Manufacturing labels

-Restaurant and food service labels

-Self-adhesive name tags

-Logistics labels

-Shipping labels

-Warehouse and manufacturing labels

Where to Buy DT4L Linerless Media

DuraFast Label Company manufacturers DT4L linerless labels specifically for the GoDEX DT4L linerless label printer. Our DT4L linerless labels are made from direct thermal label materials and cut to fit the GoDEX DT4L label printer. They are typically offered on .75 inch cores and come with an outside diameter of 2 inches. Our linerless DT4L labels are on continuous label rolls and available in several different widths.

You can also use DT4L linerless labels with a larger outside diameter when you use an external label rewinder. If you need a custom size, direct thermal label material, or length, we can make custom DT4L linerless labels upon request