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SATO Legacy Printers Reach End of Service August 30, 2019

Posted by BK on 29th Aug 2019

SATO is ending service for a selection of its legacy printers (specific to North America) as well as all related accessories that are unique to these printers. End of service for these legacy SATO printers will occur at the end of this month on Friday, August 30, 2019.

The printers affected include all of the following SATO printers:

•CL4 Series Printers (CL4xxe)

•LM4 Series Printers (LM4xxe)

•M59RVe Series Printers

•CT4 Series Printers

•GL4 Series Printers (GL4xxe)

•GT4 Series Printers (GT4xxe)

•HT2 Series Printers (HT2xxe)

What Does SATO End of Service Mean for You?

SATO is no longer selling these legacy printers, nor is it manufacturing spare parts for them. If you own one of these SATO legacy printers, service is no longer available for them — and spare parts and accessories are limited to whatever stock SATO has on hand, and inventory is limited. You may be able to find spare parts on the open market, but once they’re gone, they’re gone.

Service contracts and warranties for all of the affected SATO legacy printers will have expired once August 30th arrives (yours may already have expired, depending on when you purchased it). Thus, there is no guarantee from SATO America as far as parts availability.

The affected SATO legacy printers have been replaced by newer models with the latest thermal printing technologies and features. If you own a CL4, LM4, M59RVe, GL4, or GT4 series SATO printer, you’ll find comparable models in SATO’s CL4NX series of thermal label printers, If you have a SATO CT4 series printer, take a look at SATO CT4i series printers. The HT2 series has been replaced by SATO FX3-LX printers.

DuraFast Label Company stocks SATO printers, ribbons, thermal direct thermal media, thermal transfer media, and a limited selection of parts and accessories for SATO legacy printers. If you need any help now that SATO is ending service for these printers, our label printing specialists will be happy to be of assistance.