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Sticker Paper for Printers

Sticker Paper for Printers

Posted by BK on 25th Nov 2021

DuraFast Label Company offers a wide variety of sticker paper for printers of all types, including thermal label printers, inkjet printers, and laser printers. If you're looking for sticker paper, you've come to the right place.

The first step is to determine the technology type of your sticker printer. The most common print technologies used to print labels and stickers are:

Each uses a different sticker printer, so it's essential to shop for the appropriate type of sticker printer for your specific printer.

Direct Thermal Sticker Paper for Direct Thermal Sticker Printers

Direct thermal sticker paper is designed to react to the heated printhead of the printer, which results in the printed sticker. There's no need to use a ribbon or inks with direct thermal sticker printers. We have a large selection of direct thermal sticker paper in both continuous and pre-die-cut rolls.

Direct thermal sticker paper generally comes on rolls and the roll size you buy depends on the sticker printer you are using. For example, Zebra mobile sticker printers, TSC, or GoDex mobile sticker printers use rolls with a 0.75” core and around a 2” roll diameter. Make sure that your sticker roll will fit your printer; otherwise, the roll could be too big.  Desktop thermal printers take sticker rolls with a 1” core, and industrial sticker printers will use rolls with 3” cores. If you need a large number of stickers and do not want to change sticker rolls frequently, then you can also get these sticker labels fan folded in a carton that sits behind the sticker printer and feeds into the printer.

Thermal Transfer Sticker Paper for Thermal Transfer Sticker Printers

If you have a thermal transfer sticker printer, make sure to select thermal transfer sticker paper, which is optimized for use with thermal transfer printers and their ribbons to produce a durable, crisp sticker. We have numerous choices in pre-die-cut or continuous sticker rolls. The same sticker roll size considerations apply to thermal transfer sticker paper.

We also sell the thermal transfer ribbons for these sticker printers. If you’re not sure which ribbon to order, let us know the brand and model of the printer and we can confirm which ribbon you need. It’s best to buy the labels and ribbons together to ensure the combination will work and produce the best results. Most of the paper-based stickers will need a standard wax ribbon.

Color Inkjet Sticker Paper for Color Inkjet Sticker Printers

We offer a wide selection of pre-die-cut and continuous rolls for color inkjet sticker printers with gloss or matte finishes. Glossy stickers have a shiny, smooth surface that is elegant and easy to read, while matte paper stickers have a flat finish. We also have GHS BS5609 stickers for use with GHS printers to produce the most durable, permanent stickers.

Our standard gloss or matte white sticker paper works well with most dye-based inkjet printers, while our matte and GHS stickers are great for use with pigment-based inkjet label printers.

Also, keep in mind that most color inkjet sticker printers use 3” cores and support either 6” OD or 8” OD label rolls. However, some color inkjet sticker printers like the Primera LX500 use 2” cores and can hold a label roll up to 5” OD. The Epson TM-C3500 color sticker printer can hold 1.5” or 2” cores and can hold label rolls up to 4” OD. In addition, the Epson GP-C831 can only use fan-folded, tractor-fed labels.

Laser Sticker Paper for Office Laser Printers

Did you know you can print stickers with an office laser printer (color or black and white)? All you need is a set of laser sheet stickers and a toner-based printer. It's important to choose sticker paper designed for laser printers as only certain materials and adhesives can be used due to the heat generated by the laser.

Our laser stickers are designed to work with both color and black and white office laser printers so you can print your custom sticker sheets for any occasion or application. We have a large selection of standard sizes in various materials, including GHS chemical stickers for laser printers.

In addition to our large selection of sticker paper for printers, we also offer sticker printers, supplies, accessories, and blank custom stickers made upon request. Please browse our selection of sticker paper or contact one of our specialists for assistance.