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Tach-IT SH-404TR Label Dispenser Upgraded to SH-414D: Enhanced Labeling Solution

Tach-IT SH-404TR Label Dispenser Upgraded to SH-414D: Enhanced Labeling Solution

Posted by BK on 2nd Oct 2023

The Evolution of Excellence: Tach-IT SH-414D Label Dispenser

Durafast Label Company consistently leads with advanced labeling solutions tailored for the American market. We are excited to announce an update to our lineup: the Tach-IT SH-414D Premium Automatic Clear/Opaque Label Dispenser, replacing the SH-404TR. This upgrade introduces cutting-edge technology designed for the efficiency, versatility, and precision required by today's fast-moving businesses.

Why the Change?

With the business landscape evolving rapidly, so must our tools. The SH-414D meets this challenge head-on, engineered to enhance and expedite the labeling operations integral to American industries.

Tach-IT SH-414D Label Dispenser

Discover the Tach-IT SH-414D: A Leap in Label Dispensing Technology

The Tach-IT SH-414D is more than a successor to the SH-404TR; it's a revolutionized system engineered to meet the complex demands of modern US businesses. This model is redefining our expectations for label dispensers.

Key Features of the Tach-IT SH-414D Label Dispenser

  • Advanced non-contact optical reader accommodating diverse label types and shapes
  • Digital label length adjustment ensuring precise dispensing
  • Built-in cycle counter, a new feature for monitoring label use
  • Robust construction crafted for durability and extended service life
  • Enhanced roll diameter capacity for managing larger label batches efficiently
  • High-speed dispensing at 280 inches per minute for fast-paced environments
  • Automatic liner re-winder promoting a clean workspace and minimizing waste

What's New with the SH-414D?

The integrated counter marks a significant advancement from the SH-404TR, offering US businesses a valuable tool for inventory and quality control, as well as efficiency analysis.

Tach-IT SH-414D Label Dispenser Pell and Present Position label shown

Benefits of Upgrading to the Tach-IT SH-414D

Adopting the SH-414D is a strategic move for any business aiming to improve its operational effectiveness with superior technology.

Enhanced Productivity and Control

  • Consistent label dispensing powered by state-of-the-art optical reader technology
  • Digital control for precise adjustments and usage tracking

Reliability and Durability

  • Sturdy build for less downtime and consistent performance
  • Capacity for larger label rolls, reducing the need for frequent changes

Tach-IT SH-414D Label Dispenser with counter

Efficiency and Waste Reduction

  • Fast dispensing to keep up with demanding workflows
  • Automatic liner re-winder for an orderly workspace and reduced waste

The Tach-IT SH-414D exemplifies Durafast Label Company's dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. Embrace the future of labeling with this new model and watch your process transform with unmatched efficiency and precision.

Explore the SH-414D on our website and see how Durafast Label Company is the partner of choice for US businesses seeking top-tier label dispensing solutions.