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The Complete Guide to Thermal Label Printing and Its Advantages Over Inkjet

The Complete Guide to Thermal Label Printing and Its Advantages Over Inkjet

Posted by BK on 17th Nov 2021

Thermal label printing is a low-cost printing solution that offers many advantages over inkjet and other traditional label printers. So what are the benefits of thermal label printing, and why might you choose it over inkjet?

What is Thermal Label Printing?

Thermal label print technology uses a heated printhead to produce labels. There are two types of thermal label printers: direct thermal, which requires thermal labels that react to heat, and thermal transfer, which requires the use of an ink-coated ribbon to transfer the text and graphics to the label.

Direct thermal labels are great for low-cost, one-time use cases such as shipping labels and barcode labels. However, for applications requiring greater durability, such as weatherproof labels, chemical labels, or circuit board labels, thermal transfer labels are the better option. Thermal transfer label printers use an ink-coated ribbon to produce a more durable and fade-resistant label than direct thermal labels.

Both types of thermal printers typically print black on white or color labels. Color thermal transfer ribbons are available. Print resolutions tend to be lower with thermal label printers than with inkjet printers, so thermal labels are best for single- or low-color print runs, industrial labels, barcode labels, food service labels, and shipping labels.

Advantages of Thermal Label Printing

Thermal label printers offer several advantages over inkjet printers:

  • Thermal label printing is a low-cost solution compared to inkjet printing. Zebra printers, Zebra printer labels, and Zebra thermal transfer ribbons, for example, are affordably priced. Plus, there is no need for expensive inks or toners.
  • Thermal label printers are available for a wide range of applications from handheld cable and patch panel labels, small product labels like jewellry labels, and shipping labels to desktop and industrial barcode labels. So, whether you need a desktop printer for a small business or an industrial-grade printer for a high-volume production line, there is a thermal printer that will fit your needs.
  • Thermal printers are fast. They can print up to 10 inches per second, which is ideal for printing barcodes and other labels on demand.
  • Various wax, wax-resin, and resin thermal transfer ribbons are available, including Zebra desktop thermal transfer ribbons and Zebra industrial thermal transfer ribbons.
  • Thermal transfer labels are durable and resistant to fading, abrasion, and weathering. When printed with resin thermal transfer ribbons, they can handle extreme temperatures, moisture, and other environmental challenges.
  • Thermal printers are more affordable than inkjet printers, which means that they are the perfect choice for schools, businesses on a budget, and anyone who needs bulk printing. Thermal printers are also very durable and can produce sharp text with crisp images.

How to Make Your Business Smarter By Switching To A More Efficient Thermal Label Printer

While inkjet label printers have their place in certain markets, a thermal label printer can save time, energy, and costs. DuraFast Label Company has everything you need for thermal label printing, including thermal and direct thermal label printers from leading manufacturers such as Zebra, GoDex, Toshiba, and more. We also have Zebra mobile labels, Zebra linerless labels, thermal transfer ribbons, accessories, and other supplies. Be sure to check out our wide selection of thermal label printers, labels, ribbons, and supplies today!