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Why Businesses are Switching to the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Mobile Printers | DuraFast Label Company

Why Businesses are Switching to the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Mobile Printers | DuraFast Label Company

Posted by BK on 22nd Jun 2023

Why Businesses are Switching to the New Zebra ZQ600 Plus Mobile Printers

In the dynamic world of business, staying ahead of the competition often means embracing the latest technology. For businesses relying on mobile printers, the decision to upgrade to the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Series is becoming an increasingly popular choice. Here's why.

The ZQ600 Plus Series: Addressing Mobile Printer Challenges

Every business that depends on mobile printers for day-to-day operations knows too well the challenges they present. From the time-consuming task of manually tracking and updating printers to the uncertainty of remaining battery life, these issues can take a toll on productivity. Zebra Technologies recognizes these challenges and has designed the ZQ600 Plus Series to resolve them:

  • With comprehensive remote management options, IT teams can spend less time manually tracking and updating mobile printers.
  • The ZQ600 Plus Series offers best-in-class power management and full-shift battery power, eliminating the worry about running out of charge.
  • The high-resolution color display and intuitive design make the ZQ600 Plus Series user-friendly, perfect for businesses that rely on seasonal or temporary workers.

Superior Productivity with Premium Features

The Zebra ZQ600 Plus Series offers premium features for maximum productivity. Besides standard mobile label and receipt printing, it introduces RFID tag printing for advanced inventory and tracking solutions.

Reliable Wireless Connections and Future-proof Platform

The ZQ600 Plus Series boasts faster, highly reliable wireless connections. Whether your team is in the warehouse or at the point of sale, they can rely on stable connections for seamless operations. Furthermore, the advanced platform of the ZQ600 Plus Series is designed to grow with your business, offering a future-proof solution.

A Proven Platform with Backwards Compatibility

With over a million QLn printers sold to date, the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Series builds on a proven platform while incorporating the latest mobile printing features. It also provides backwards compatibility with QLn accessories, allowing businesses to re-use existing accessories and reduce additional costs.

Diverse Applications Across Industries

The versatility of the ZQ600 Plus Series makes it ideal for various applications across different industries:

  • Retail: From shelf edge labels to mobile point of sale receipts, the ZQ600 Plus Series has got you covered.
  • Manufacturing / Warehousing: From raw materials to finished goods, the ZQ600 Plus Series simplifies your labeling process.
  • Transportation & Logistics: The ZQ600 Plus Series streamlines everything from receiving and put-away to shipping.

Make the Cost-Effective Switch to ZQ600 Plus Series

By switching to the ZQ600 Plus Series, businesses not only gain access to the latest technologies but also a cost-effective, no-risk upgrade. If your business is ready to tackle the challenges of mobile printing head-on and boost productivity, the ZQ600 Plus Series is the ideal solution.

Upgrade to the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Series with DuraFast Label Company

At DuraFast Label Company, we're proud to help businesses like yours thrive with the latest mobile printing solutions. Discover the benefits of the Zebra ZQ600 Plus Series by reaching out to us today.