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Epson GP-C831 Label Printer | Drum Label Printer



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The Epson GP-C831 has now been replaced by the Epson C6500A GHS Color label printer

Epson GP-C831 Label Printer | Drum Label Printer | C11CC68A9971

Print 8” GHS/BS5609 labels, four ink cartridge (CMKY), 720 x 720 dpi, print speeds of up to 16.5pages/m, USB/Ethernet, Windows


The importance of proper label design and production increases substantially when chemical labels are involved. For safety and compliance purposes, chemical labels need to clearly display the contents of containers, and they can't fade over time.

The Epson GP-C831 drum label printer facilitates efficient, cost-effective, high-volume production of industrial-strength GHS large format drum and chemical labels. These labels require a high level of detail, including product identifiers, pictograms, hazard and warning notices and supplier identifiers. The Epson GP-C831 is durable enough to manage high-volume label production, and its eight-pin tractor feeder ensures that the quality of the chemical labels is not sacrificed.

With Epson's GP-C831 drum label printer, users are able to obtain all the benefits of inkjet printing, without the high costs. Labels produced by the Epson GP-C831 are resistant to fading and water damage.

Its full product features include:

  • Industrial-strength MicroPiezo® inkjet printer with tractor feeder
  • Fast print speeds of up to 16.5 images per minute
  • Printable area up to 8 inches by 22 inches (ideal for drum and large container applications)
  • Print speeds of up to 16.5 pages per minute
  • Print resolution of 720 dpi by 720 dpi
  • Low TCO vs. color lasers
  • Only inkjet solution that has been BS5609 certified (for use in harsh marine environments)
  • Support of wide variety of media types and sizes
  • Comes with printer, CMYK ink cartridge set and driver CD

DuraFast Label Company will help you learn more about the Epson GP-C831 drum label printer and how it will help you transform your production process for printing drum and chemical labels. DuraFast Label Company also provides labels backed by Epson's proven reputation, including:

  • Epson GP-C831 Chemical Labels
  • Epson GP-C831 High Gloss Labels
  • Epson GP-C831 Matte BOPP Labels
  • Epson GP-C831 Matte Labels

Contact DuraFast Label Company today to begin producing these labels in-house.

Epson Spare in the Air Upgraded Warranty Program

Your Epson ColorWorks label printers are an important piece of the foundation of your business - that's why you should never have to worry about being without one. With the Epson Spare in the Air upgraded warranty, Epson will send you a replacement printer within 24 hours if yours ever needs warranty repairs.

Print Roll to Roll with the Optional Epson GP-C831 Label Unwinder & Rewinder System

Epson GP-C831 part number C11CC68121 has now been replaced by part number C11CC68A9971

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