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Colorado Cannabis Labeling Guide

Colorado Cannabis Labeling Guide

Posted by BK on 17th Nov 2017

What You Need to Know about Cannabis Labeling in Colorado

Colorado legalized medical marijuana in 2000 followed by recreational marijuana, in 2012. Both cannabis laws bring with them limits and regulations. All cannabis products must be appropriately labeled. Here's what you need to know about recreational cannabis labeling in Colorado.

Recreational Cannabis Labeling Requirements in Colorado

First, all recreational cannabis labels in Colorado must contain the universal ! THC symbol, which instantly identifies products as containing marijuana. It is recognizable by consumers and non-consumers alike, helping to warn potential users about the product's contents.

Next, all labels must include a series of warning statements. These statements must address the following:

  • Health risks
  • Risk for pregnant and breastfeeding women
  • Age 21 or older
  • Intoxicating effects
  • Infused with marijuana
  • Illegal outside of Colorado
  • Do not operate vehicles or heavy machinery
  • Because these warning statements generally stay the same from one product to the next, you could create a standard warning label containing the universal ! THC symbol along with all of the statements for use on all of your products. Likewise, you could create label templates in your label design software that include the ! THC symbol and these statements. Colorado does periodically update its cannabis labeling laws, making it smart to print your labels on demand rather than preprinting and storing a large inventory.

    The text of the cannabis label must also include the following:

  • License number and production batch numbers
  • Date of sale
  • Store name and symbol
  • Potency statements
  • Dosage instructions
  • List of non-organic pesticides, solvents, and chemicals
  • Important: Your cannabis labels can NOT contain the word "candy" or "candies."

    •Your cannabis labels must not make any false or misleading claims as to the product's health or physical benefits to the consumer

  • The font size can be no smaller than 1/16th of an inch
  • The text must be written in English
  • When affixed to the product or carton, your cannabis labels must be unobstructed and conspicuous
  • For edible marijuana product labels in Colorado, the labels must contain all of the above and:
  • An ingredient list
  • Expiration date
  • Instructions for refrigeration
  • Serving size in 10mg THC-sized servings
  • Every serving must contain the ! THC symbol either via a mark, stamp, or printed label
  • More information about Colorado's Retail Marijuana Code is available from the Colorado Department of Revenue, Marijuana Enforcement Division.

    Since each batch is unique with its own batch number and date of sale, cannabis labels should be printed on demand. Epson's ColorWorks 3500 (TM-C3500) label printer is an excellent and affordable option for dispensaries that want to print full color cannabis labels. In addition, the Epson TM-C7500, TM-C7500G and TM-C7500GE, for example, are high speed, high print quality printers, for cannabis producers that need to print large quantities of labels quickly.

    Cannabis Packaging Requirements

    In addition to Colorado's cannabis label requirements, you'll also need to be sure that your product packaging is child resistant, opaque, resealable, and does not appeal to children.

    Other Labeling Considerations for Printing Your Own Cannabis Labels

    In addition to ensuring that your cannabis labels contain the required components under Colorado's marijuana label laws, you'll want to be sure to use a suitable label printer and appropriate label materials so that your cannabis labels are clear, legible, and professional looking.

  • Recommended cannabis label printers - In a retail marijuana dispensary, compact, easy-to-use, on-demand full color label printers are a solid choice, especially when paired with label software such as  NiceLabel or BarTender. Your clerk would simply start with a template, fill in the blanks, and print cannabis labels as products are sold. We suggest looking at the following color label printers:
  • Epson TM-C3500

    Epson TM-C7500G, TM-C7500, TM-C7500GE (for wholesalers/distributors)

    Afinia L801 Memjet (for labels up to 8” wide)

  • Recommended cannabis label materials - Premium high gloss paper-coated label materials work well for most product labels in this category. However, if you will be printing cannabis oil labels, we suggest using a synthetic label material such as polypropylene (BOPP) labels which are available in a matte finish or a glossy finish. These labels are water- and oil-resistant, ensuring that should some of the cannabis oil drip on the label, the text and symbols will remain crisp and undamaged.

  • DuraFast Label Company is helping cannabis companies across USA and Canada set up in-house digital label printing. We are your single source for printers, blank labels that meet to your specific size and material requirements, inks, and software. As a seller of recreational marijuana in Colorado, your labeling needs are highly specialized, and we can help! Contact us today to learn more.