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RIP Software — What Is It and Do You Need It?

RIP Software — What Is It and Do You Need It?

Posted by BK on 18th Nov 2017

With the new Epson TM-C7500GE’s (graphics edition) now shipping across USA and Canada, we’ve been getting a few questions about RIP software. You see, the Epson TM-C7500GE is a bundle that includes the Epson TM-C7500G (gloss) label printer and Wasatch SoftRIP software (and a few other perks). Some of the questions we’re hearing are: What is RIP software? Who needs it? Can you use RIP software with other color label printers?

RIP Software Converts Vector Images into High Resolution Raster Images on Your Printer

RIP stands for Raster Image Processor, and that describes RIP software’s primary job: raster image processing. RIP software is like an ultra-advanced printer driver, providing you with greater control over printing your graphics. For those who need to print high resolution “prime” color labels such as product labels, RIP software provides color matching tools, such as PANTONE color matching, allowing you to produce the most accurate color labels and images possible with your color label printer.

Common features found in RIP software include the ability to: match or correct colors, bypass the standard printer driver, nest multiple images in one layout, send the print job to multiple printers on the network at once, and print PostScript files such as EPS, PDF, or PS files.

Who Needs RIP Software?

Virtually anyone who prints color labels using a modern digital color label printer or color label press can benefit from RIP software. However, those who need it the most are those who want the most accurate colors possible or would like to improve the efficiency by printing to multiple printers or using nested layouts.

Can You Use RIP Software with Color Label Printers Besides the New Epson TM-C7500GE?

While the new Epson TM-C7500GE and its inclusion of Wasatch SoftRIP is generating a lot of interest in RIP software, you don’t necessarily need a specific label printer model in order to use RIP software. For example, Wasatch SoftRIP is available specifically for other color label printers like the Afinia L801. The Afinia L801 Memjet color label printer prints labels up to 8-inches wide, making it an excellent match for printing larger labels or using as a label press. Using Wasatch SoftRIP for the L801 provides you with all of the benefits of RIP software on this versatile color label printer. RIP plug-ins are also available to enable the use of white toner on certain printers such as certain Afinia, UniNet, and iSys Label color label printers.

Not sure if you could benefit from a RIP software upgrade? We’re happy to answer any questions you may have. Contact a DuraFast Label Company sales consultant to learn more.

Recommended Wasatch SoftRIP Products

RIP software is a very specialized driver, developed specifically for the printer. It also bypasses the Windows drivers since it communicates directly with the printer. We have all the following Wasatch SoftRIP software available for sale, based on the printer you are using. Contact us for pricing and ordering information.

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