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What You Need to Know about Cannabis Labeling in Oregon

Posted by BK on 1st Jun 2019

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) oversees the recreational cannabis industry in Oregon. The OLCC licenses the following business types:







In addition, anyone working in Oregon’s recreational marijuana industry, including those who have already obtained a license, must obtain a Marijuana Worker Permit. Permit eligibility requires a minimum age of 21.

Running a recreational marijuana business in Oregon is much like any other business, but with additional requirements such as:

•Collecting and paying Oregon’s recreational marijuana tax

•Weights and measures compliance

•Ensuring appropriate security

•Food safety (edibles)

•Agricultural compliance

•Marijuana labeling and packaging

•Hazardous waste management

In Oregon, retailers must abide by strict requirements as to how much recreational marijuana they can sell to age-appropriate customers. The limits are:

•1 ounce of usable marijuana

•5 grams of cannabinoid extracts/concentrates

•72 fluid ounces of liquid cannabinoids

•16 ounces of solid cannabinoids

•4 immature marijuana plants

•10 marijuana seeds

Depending on where your business falls in the recreational marijuana supply chain, you may be involved in cannabis product packaging and labeling.

Cannabis Packaging Requirements

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and the OLCC have very specific marijuana labeling requirements covering related products sold at OLCC-licensed retailers such as: marijuana seeds, usable marijuana, edibles, topical products, and tinctures. Among the many cannabis labeling requirements in Oregon are:

•The universal symbol must be included on all marijuana labels

•TBC and CBD concentration must be included

•Specific fonts, font sizes, and text are required for warning information and product information based on product type (for example, strain type is required on some product types but not others)

•The marijuana label must be in English

•Licensee or registrant business or trade name and licensee or registrant number

•Package unique identification number (licensees); batch or process lot number (registrants)

•Include medical grade symbol (if the product is a medical marijuana product)

•Marijuana labels in Oregon may not be attractive to minors or contain false or misleading statements

These are but a few of the many Oregon cannabis label requirements. More detailed information is available directly from Oregon Liquor Control Commission’s Packaging and Labeling page.

Other Labeling Considerations for Printing Your Own Cannabis Labels in Oregon

Oregon’s marijuana labeling laws are complex and cover a wide range of cannabis products. Not only must you comply with these requirements, as a marijuana producer or retailer responsible for product labeling, you’ll need a reliable label printer to print your own marijuana labels to ensure cannabis product labeling that is both compliant and professional in appearance.

Below are several top selling color label printers that are suitable for printing cannabis oil labels, edible marijuana labels, vaping labels, cannabis seed bag labels, marijuana plant labels, cannabis container labels, and more:

Epson TM-C3500 color label printer

Epson TM-C7500 (matte) or Epson TM-C7500G (gloss) color label printer

Afinia L301 color label printer

Afinia L501 color label printer (Dye)

Afinia L701 color label printer

Afinia L801 color label printer featuring Memjet Technology

We also suggest investing in label design software such as NiceLabel or Bartender label design software. These applications make it much easier to design compliant marijuana labels complete with the universal symbol, warnings, batch numbers, and appropriate product information. You can even create master label files that link to an external spreadsheet in Excel.

DuraFast Label Company sells a variety of blank paper-coated labels for the label printers listed above. We recommend polypropylene label materials (BOPP labels) for labeling cannabis oil, extracts, concentrates, topicals, and tinctures. Synthetic labels like polypropylene labels resist oil and water, making them the best choice for labeling liquid cannabis products.

Here at DuraFast, we are committed to helping business customers with all of their cannabis product labeling requirements, including recreational marijuana labeling in Oregon. Contact us now to get started.